Vania Romoff

Vania Romoff creates especially for her muse: the woman. Coming from a family whose second language is romancing fabrics, the designer has carved out her ethos of design from both inherited taste and years of constant creation. 

Known for her feminine pieces, this women’s wear designer from Manila, Philippines continues to push the boundaries of her design and audience. With collections spanning from ready-to-wear to custom pieces, her translations of romance are embedded within her signature silhouettes.

The Brand

Vania Romoff creates pieces for the modern woman—unapologetic in their femininity, exact in their elegance. Each collection is a romance of whimsical fabrics and clean silhouettes. 

Whether in the images of the everyday, or in memories of milestones, the Vania Romoff brand has been weaving itself into the narratives of women for decades. The brand prides itself in pieces that are extremely personal and thoughtfully designed.

VR Bridal: Bespoke & Bridal Studio

A romance of fabrics and silhouettes to create pieces that will be remembered for a lifetime. Intensely personal and thoughtfully constructed collections give an ode to the Vania Romoff bride.


Straightforward and feminine, these are pieces Vania Romoff knows are essential. The invitation to choose off the rack has never been more alluring. Who says beauty can’t be functional?

VR Custom

Because each Vania Romoff woman embodies unique tastes, the brand caters to specificities in style. The brand is committed to tailor-fitting pieces to its clientele’s visual vocabulary. No sleeves are too billowy, no amount of silk too generous.